Seer: A Wizard’s Journal by Jef Murray – Soft Cover Version

Seer: A Wizard’s Journal by Jef Murray – Soft Cover Version
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This thoughtful and lavishly-illustrated book comes in soft cover format, and will undoubtedly make a unique and cherished addition to the library of any aficionado of fantasy literature.

Seer:  A Wizard’s Journal takes us on a mystical journey through the seasons.  Wending our way through time and space, we meet monks, elves, angels, apparitions, and, of course, wizards.  We venture into the hidden world that is all around us, the world that children so easily see.

This treasure trove of tales, poems, and original art offers us hope and wonder.  It stirs within us a renewed yearning for other times, other places, and other destinies.  Magic rings, secret journals, and the enchantment of nature remind us of the sanctity of our world – and invite us to rediscover our childhood dreams.

Join us on this journey.  Learn to see again.

Listen to the interview with Jef Murray.  Talking With Jef Murray

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Jef Murray is an internationally known artist and essayist whose works can be found in various fantasy publications and calendars distributed worldwide. Oloris Publishing is the independent publishing arm of Middle-earth Network.

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